SHOW ARCHIVE: My Last Wednesday!

I’m just gonna play my favorite songs, talk about Margaret Cho’s good deeds , and make a plea to CB Tarver and Matt Sweeney of Chavez to play more shows. I also spin a couple yarns about Polvo, Sebadoh, Unrest and other indie bands.

bike helmet


Show Archive: 6 Degrees of Women Rockin’

I¬†took the first half of the show to explore my 6 Degrees of Women Rockin’ project, in which I attempt to map out the relationships between women rockers in the underground punk and indie rock scenes. There’s lots of Riot Grrl history there, and a ton of Kill Rocks Stars recordings!

Special thanks to my buddy Keara for helping me get this off the ground, and to Wikipedia contributors for being so thorough. I hope to flesh this project out further and revisit with a more polished narrative.


6 Degrees of Women Rockin

SHOW ARCHIVE: New Tunes in November

All new music from Merge Records, Sub Pop, Goner, Burger, Carpark, and a bevy of other indie labels! I also praise Perfume Genius for a very amazing Dick Move on Eminem: