Matt Sharp, the brainchild and synth-savant behind The Rentals calls into the show for great discussion regarding his new album “Lost in Alphaville” (and it’s possible meanings), preparing to take the show on the road, and a myriad of other tangential subjects, including but not limited to the sexy, sultry voice of the automated conference call operator that made our interview possible!

The Rentals new album on Polyvinyl Records – “Lost in Alphaville” – is absolutely the high watermark of their recorded output, and based on Matt’s comments about the current group’s chemistry, I can’t help but be excited about their live show. The Rentals will play Slim’s in San Francisco on Monday 9/8.


It’s very obvious, watching Matt Sharp on stage, that he loves what he does. In a way, I’m reminded of Bob Nastonivich from Pavement who once said something to the effect of “My job is to go out there and try to make people cheer for 90 minutes”. Matt Sharp’s energy reads much the same. Although he seems to take art and music seriously, it never seems like he takesĀ HIMSELF too seriously. Humor was never too far away from nostalgia up on that stage as the band perused The Rental’s catalog, and everyone present was on board: fans, band, Matt. Most of the show he was flailing from Slim’s famous “stage poles” beckoning to the crowd to join in on every sing-a-long melody. He crawled the length of the stage, got into people’s faces, and draped his sweaty, enthusiastic frame across every band mate he could.

I think I grabbed some decent shots:

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