I love cover songs. Whether a faithful rendition or¬†a new,¬†stylistic spin on a song, your favorite band or musician is telling you a lot when they decide to cover another artist: it’s a window into their own world of inspirations and influences.


2014-06-18 SHOW ARCHIVE: PUP Interview

Recent 2014 Polaris Music Prize long-listers and Toronto punk rockers PUP called into the show to discuss their current tour with The Menzingers. Stefan (vox/guitar) was great – giving us the scoop on the energy and vitality of the Toronto scene.

They play Slim’s on Friday, June 20th with The Menzingers. Check ’em out!

Photo from VICE/Noisey and Rebecca Reed:

PUP - Rebecca Reed for Noisey

Also, check out their sweaty, gory video for ‘Reservoir’