Show Archive: Their/They’re/There Interview

I talk to Evan from Their/They’re/There about sounding like a basement from the ’90s and post-apocalyptic eye-patches. I also spin yarns about the second-to-last Rodan show and Todd Trainer’s disdain for yours truly.

The interview with Evan came as a surprise – it was something I had talked to the wonderful people at Polyvinyl Records about, but we weren’t able to confirm until I was on the air, doing my show that day. I’m so glad I did it.

Much like the interview, their show took me completely off guard, smacking me upside the head and turning me into a giddy, hoodied emo kid from the 90s. Aside from playing their entire catalog Their/They’re/There treated the crowd to a Superdrag (remember them?!?)┬ácover, and closed out the show (and secured my love forever) with a cover of Superchunk’s “Detroit Has a Skyline”. Did I turn into the idiot at the front of the crowd screaming along? Of course I did. Old man’s gotta teach these kids how it’s done, right?!?


Show Archives: Protomartyr, Nightmare Air

Two radio shows for the price of one blog post! I’ve been slackin’ getting these show archives posted. Here is my April 9th show with Protomartyr’s Joe Casey calling in around the 1:30 mark, and Jimmy from Nightmare Air calling in to my May 7th show at the hour mark.

Nightmare Air play the Bottom of the Hill on Monday, May 12th with Roman Remains.

Protomartyr play the Hemlock Tavern Friday, May 23rd.