Azz Everywhere: A Night with Big Freedia

After Friday night’s romping dance party at The Independent, I find myself with only the mental powers of Bubba from Forest Gump to really get the point across: there’s all kind of different ways to serve up shrimp, or in this case, booty. Shaking booty, wobbly booty, big booty, small booty, booty stacked up on top of each other, upside down booty, side-to-side booty, pyramid booty…

Big Freedia (pronounced Freeduh), New Orleans’s Queen Diva of bounce, and her crew cooked up a hot mess of bangin’ tunes and whipped the crowd in to an ass-shaking frenzy for well over an hour. Perched up near the side of the stage was a great way to see the craziness onstage and off. For several songs, the crowd overtook to the stage to show what they could do with their assets alongside Freedia and her dancers.

While some people would look at such a scene and think of it as lewd or offensive, I think the performance and crowds at Big Freedia’s shows are beautiful: the only really important thing is shaking your ass. It demands you leave your cares, inhibitions and insecurities at home. All are welcome.

While twerking may be a fad whose death knell rang with Miley Cyrus, bounce – and Big Freedia – aren’t going to slip away anytime soon. They’re too much fun.